The Medfield Youth Lacrosse Organization is committed to offering the youth of our community a progressive and supportive sports program built on the foundation of fair play, honesty, integrity, and physical and emotional fitness. Our pursuit of a valu

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Welcome to the Medfield Youth Lacrosse Coaches' Forum.

We're just starting out and hope to make this a great resource for you to learn more about the Medfield Lacrosse philosophy and approach to the game. We hope this will help you improve your understanding of the game and your coaching skills as well as serve as an environment to share your knowledge and experience with other coaches.

On these pages you will find our program curriculum customized to each age level and contact info for all the coaches in the program (coming).  We hope to add other information sources like coaching articles, links to lacrosse learning sites, video clips, etc.

So if you have any ideas, information, resources, drills, articles, etc. you would like to share with your fellow coaches...please contact me so we can put it up here.

One key point to remember about this resource...this is for the benefit of Medfield Lacrosse, not other programs.  A lot of time and energy went into creating the information hosted here as well as this page, so please respect the confidentiality and propriety of this information.

Thanks and enjoy.

John Isaf